Friday, 27 May 2011

The Power of Divine Love

Look at the power of Divine love! He who is the master of infinite universes, becomes the son of Mother Yashoda, and rests in her lap.

दिव्य प्रेम की शक्ति तो देखो ! जो अनंत ब्रह्मांडों का स्वामी हैं वह यशोदा माता का पुत्र बनकर उनकी गोद में आराम करता है |


  1. Bhagvatam is one of the holy books of Sanatana Dharam in which the Love of God (through the means of Bhakti) is explained in a very easy and simple way. Swamiji is explaining the Leelas of Shri Krishn with His mother Yashoda in such a beautiful way through Bhagvatam.

  2. Great explanation from Swami Mukundananda on Divine Love of mother Yashoda. It is so simple, logical and helps everyone to increase their love for God.

  3. Swamiji's quotes are full of inspiration and love.This touches the heart and one can find the best in his satsangs. The spiritual lectures, kirtans and divine bliss in his Meditation retreats are so powerful and enjoyable that one would like to stay in that bliss forever.That is really wonderful.Thank you Swamiji from top of my heart.